Top 5 Ad Blocker Apps For Android ( Best Of 2019 )

Ajay: Hey Meith. Do you know any ad blocker apps for Android?

Meith: What happened Ajay? Why are you searching for Ad Blocker apps?

Ajay: Bro, whenever I open any app which is connected to the Internet, my screen display unwanted ads which are really very annoying.

Meith: Hmm, well I can help you with this problem.

Whenever we surf apps or browser, sometimes we overcome many ads flashing on our smartphones. Well, some are useful and some are useless.

Well, there are many reasons why Ads popups. Many companies offer ads on their websites and apps and for every click, they receive some commission, this is how they earn money.

But sometimes these ads are very annoying and it destructs our browsing experience.

So I thought why not to help Ajay by telling him about the useful Ad Blocker Apps which he can use it on his smartphone and get Ad-free surfing experience.

 Top 5 Ad Blocker Apps For Android Smartphones

  • Block This Ad Blocker
  • Adblock Plus
  • AdAway
  • Skip Ads
  • Ad-Free Private Browser

1. Block This Ad Blocker

AdBlocker Apps

Block This is one of the popular apps on play store This app is cleanly materialistic designed which gives proper user satisfaction. This Adblocker will work for both Browser and apps and also suitable with both Rooted & Non-Rooted devices.

Click here to download Block This App

2. Adblock Plus

Top 5 Ad Blocker Apps For Android ( Best Of [year] ) 1

Adblock plus is one of the most favorite ad blocker app. This app has the ability to block all the ads running on the apps or browser. It’s the most premium app available on playstore. This app is suitable for both a rooted device and not rooted devices.

Click here to download Adblock Plus App

3. AdAway

AdBlocker Apps

AdAway is also one of the best adblocker apps available on the internet. This app requires root access, so you will have to root your phone. This app works on Host network and IP address which help the app to block the ads on apps and browser.

Before that, you need to download F-Guard app which is client-server of AdAway.

Click here to download F-Guard Apk

Click here to download AdAway App apk

4. Skip Ads

Best Adblocker Apps

Are you a youtube addict? But every time you watch any video, you’re welcomed with Intro ads? Yes, they are annoying too. But you know? It is possible to skip those ads. How? By installing skip ads app. This app allows users to skips ads from youtube whenever you watch videos, you won’t be facing any ads. This will improve your video watching experience and also you won’t get irritated.

Click here to download SkipAds App apk

5. Adfree Browsers

AdBlocker Apps

Not only apps but also while surfing the internet, lots and lots of websites spam ads due to which it disturbs our surfing experience. Ads like you Phone is in danger, you won a jackpot, and much more. Well, to avoid and skip these kinds of ads, there are many ad-free browsers which can help you to save time and improves surfing experience.

Here are some Adfree Browsers

  • Firefox Focus
  • Brave Browsers
  • Kiwi Browsers
  • CM Browser
  • Opera Browser
  • Turbo Browser


While Ads can annoy you but Ad blockers will make you happy. Here I have listed handpicked Best adblocker apps which you can install on your smartphone. These apps will give you ad-free experience while surfing the browser or apps. You can also skip youtube ads by installing SkipAds app which works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Also use private broswers to surf ad free experience.

Ajay: Thanks, Meith. You’re very helpful.

Meith: Your Welcome dude, do visit TheTechFever if you need any help related android or internet


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About the author

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Meith Jain is a Tech Blogger and Author. He is the Founder of TheTechFever, a Tech Blog where he writes about Technology, Gadgets, Tips & Tricks, Computer, etc. You can contact him via Email ID, Also do share your views of the above post in the comment box below.


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