How To Turn Off Android Notification Settings For Any App

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Howdy friend, Wassup? Today’s article gonna be common for me and you because it’s related to Smartphones and social networks.

We all use smartphones, life without smartphones is surely incomplete. Around millions of smartphones are sole in the world and that brings the new evolution in the advancement of technology.

Applications play an important role in Smartphones. There are varieties of applications available on Internet and App Store. And Every application has its own role just like Social networking apps: Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and much more, they play a major role.

But since some people might choose to stay away from people and their nuisance, even you might get irritated when your mobile flash up with any message on the lock screen with a pop sound, right? Well don’t worry, I have found a technique so that you could disable the Android Notification Settings from your status bar and notifications bar. Here is how it is.

I will show a few apps examples where you can disable Notifications, which can be done for any other app.

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1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the famous and high rated social networking apps. But also one of the most annoying because it pops up for each and everyone that has been received to us and with the same Notification tone repeatedly. Here you can disable it by going into Whatsapp Settings & Uncheck the Notification Popups even while the screen is Off.

Android Notification Settings

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2. Facebook

Though Facebook users have decreased in recent years, still it gets millions of users to visit and thus by allowing people to upload photos, videos and status it bangs on our notification panel. So this can be easily turn off by simply going to Mobile Settings > Apps > Installed Apps > Facebook > Show Notifications > Uncheck or Disable the notification bar and you’re done. You won’t receive any notifications from Facebook now onwards.

Android Notification Settings

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3. Instagram

Instagram is trending behind Whatsapp as one of the major social networking apps with over millions of Photos and videos shared in it. Instagram isn’t only about posting photos but you can have the conversation with your friends and strangers, and it irritates when you’re in no mood to talk to someone and their message popups in your notification panel. Well, in this case, you can turn off the notification by going into Instagram > Settings > Push Notifications and turn OFF all the options listed on the screen. Tadda, you’re done.

Android Notification Settings

Android Notification Settings

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4. Snapchat

Snapchat is popular for its 24 hours story disappearing and maintaining streaks. Well for every story you receive it comes up with notification popup. In case if you’re talking to many people on Snapchat then there might you must be getting Replies now and there and that irritates a lot. Well, you can turn off this Notification by heading into Snapchat Settings > Push Notifications > Uncheck the Ring and Sounds. Hurray! You’re done.

Android Notification Settings

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Well, what I have written is for all the Social Networking apps, But you may also disable for all the apps you have installed in your system. Just follow the same method I did it for Facebook.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Go to Apps and Permissions

Android Notification Settings

Step 3: Select any app and Click

Step 4: Go to Notifications

Android Notification Settings

Step 5: Deslide the notifications

Android Notification Settings

By doing this you’re all done to turn off the Android notification Settings and it won’t irritate you next time.

Final Words

Notifications are sometimes good and sometimes irritating, It’s good when your salary is been credited you receive a message in form of notifications, or your food is out for delivery and much more but same it’s disappointing when you continuously get to hear the same tone for every message you receive. In that case by turning off the Android notification Settings by the method shown above.

Hope you have liked the article. Do share your views in the comment section.

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