Control Your Device With Anydesk Remote Support Software

Hey Friends! In today’s world all we are doing it getting digital now and there. The Internet has been playing a significant role in the current era. File Transfer and remote support software for accessing other devices from our control have compressed the workload of people to an extreme.

Before then people used USB data cable to transfer the files from one device to another device and use Team Viewer to access the other desktop/mobile devices remotely but since these two are off old software and unique methods, Anydesk has aroused in the market, and this is how people reviewed it. See the feedback below!

Anydesk is a light-weight remotely support software compatible with all forms of devices and versions. This software rolled out in 2014 but since it was unknown to many people in the market. Even I wasn’t aware of this software, one of my colleagues told me about this software, and still, then I have been using this for a while. I believe this is one of the best free remote access software.

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There is much best remote access software for small business and corporate business, but none of them is like Anydesk functionality. Since Team Viewer is a well known to everyone I believe it sometimes lags a lot (No Offence) but Anydesk made my work more comfortable and am fully satisfied with it.

Features of Anydesk

  • Supports unattended access
  • Updates are automatic
  • Clean and uncluttered interface
  • Small download size (around 2 MB)
  • Custom aliases can identify computers
  • Supports file transfers
  • Can run in fullscreen mode
  • Includes text chat capabilities
  • Supports sending keyboard shortcuts
  • The mobile app can connect to computers
  • Portable option available

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How Anydesk Works

First, you need to download Anydesk from their official website. Click here to download Anydesk remote support software. Anydesk is available for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Anydesk works on portable mode, so you don’t need to install it on your Laptop/Mac unless and until you want.

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Anydesk works on an active internet connection or wifi hotspot. If you want to access the device from different locations remotely, you must have a high-speed internet connection.


As soon as you open the download file, you will see your Anydesk Address in front of your screen. That is your code, if a person wants to access your device, you have to give them the required unique anydesk address. Also, you can set up an unattended password for security reason.


You can create by clicking on the Set password of unsupervised access. You will see a new window open.  input your secure password and press Okay.

Anydesk Anydesk

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Now when the other person connects your device with your Anydesk address, share them the password so that they could get connected with your device.

Now you can see your device moving automatically since another person accesses it.

Now, when the connection is between you and the other person, the link is secured. Now you can you transfer your files quickly, you can even record the session by going to Recording option and Checking the very first option.


Now if you want to access the other device, you will need their Anydesk address for that on the homescreen of Anydesk software look down at the second option you will be asked the Anydesk address of another device

Get the address and password, connect it and now you can access your different device where you can have a file exchange and live recording session.


You can have access to everything from restarting of the device from accessing the keyboard shortcuts.

Anydesk For Android

With the same features and functionality, Anydesk is available for Android also, Download the app from Google Playstore, Open it, exchange the Anydesk Address and Password same as like what you did in Desktop and remotely access any device from any part of the world with an active internet connection.

Pricing and Availability


Anydesk is available in Four Versions: Free, Lite, Professional and Enterprise. Each of them has different features. Anydesk is best unattended remote access software. See their pricing comparison chart below.

So how was the article? Did you like it? What do you think about Anydesk, is it better than other Remote Support Software? Do let me know your review. Kindly leave a feedback Comment. Thank You.

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