How To Turn Off Auto Correction In Your Smartphone 2019

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Ever been embarrassed while sending a text to someone and because of Auto-correction the word you typed changed to another word? Well, it happens will every smartphone devices and this irritates a lot.

While writing a sentence, for example, Do you remember one thing? instead, it changes to – Do you remember one thong? THONG? like seriously? isn’t this sounds funny?

More examples of autocorrect fail:-

  1. Horny for Horn
  2. Sex for Sec
  3. Pregnant for Permanent
  4. Impotent for Important

Some Name be like:-

  1. Tapish for Rapist
  2. Anmol for Animal
  3. Tiny for Tony

Here are some of the Auto-correct conversations:

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Can’t laugh anymore? Well, sometimes it looks funny and at times not. People with a sensitive and short-tempered nature. They screw up when they receive these types of texts. Which can either ruin the relationship?

So here I’m gonna teach you how to turn off auto-correction in your Smartphone devices. Just follow the steps below.

Turn Of Auto-Correction In Android Smartphones

***Note: This method will work for both G-Board and Swift Keyboard***

Step 1: Go to Settings

Auto-Correction Off


Step 2: Tap Language and input

Auto-Correction Off

Step 3: Select your keyboard whether G-Board, Swiftkey or Grammarly (if installed)

Step 4: Turn Of Auto-correction by swiping it to left for Grammarly. For Swift Key – Go to Typing > Typing & Auto-Correct and turn off Autocorrect and Quick Prediction Insert option.

Step 5: Go back to your Messaging box and type anything, if you don’t see any Word Suggestion or Auto-correction, then you’re done.

Turn Off Auto-Correction In Apple Smartphones

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap General.

Step 3: Tap Keyboard.

Step 4: Tap the switch next to Auto-Correction.

Step 5:  You’ll know that Auto-Correction is off when the switch is gray.

Step 6: Go back to your Messaging box and type anything, if you don’t see any Word Suggestion or Auto-correction, then you’re done.

if you’re using any other keyboards apart from the keyboards listed above, then you will find a similar change in their settings. Just you will have to search for Auto-correction text and switch to off. After doing that so, Auto-correction settings will never ever irritate you while sending a message in the future.

Hope you liked this article. Do Comment if you aren’t able to turn off the auto-correction filter. I would love to assist you.

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