How To See Bluetooth Battery Indicator For Paired Devices In Android

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Hey friend, Wassup? Sorry for not being consistent towards blogging due to hectic routine life schedule but from now, I promise to stay you updated with latest articles on different topics, and wait by referring ‘Different topics‘ I came to know an amazing trick/method that will make your life simpler.

In today’s world, everything is getting Digital due to advancement in technology. The Internet has brought a drastic change in the world. Desktops to Laptops, Mobile Phone to Smartphones and even Wired Devices to Wireless Devices, we’re gonna come across some unique invention in near future too.

So here in this article, I’m gonna share a simple useful and valuable method which will make your daily routine life simpler

We all have Bluetooth feature in our smartphones whether Android or iPhone. And from that feature, there came many devices which uses this feature to get paired with our smartphones like Earphones, Headphones, Speakers, trackers and much more.

This Bluetooth device helps made us switch from Wired devices to Wireless which can cover the range up to 10-20 meter of the radius. Which is an amazing invention right? 

Now you don’t have to worry of Wire getting tangled or damaged, No problem of getting it replaced, because Wireless Bluetooth devices made it easier by just Charging and Consuming.

But the main problem with these Bluetooth devices is- it is very difficult to know the battery status of these devices, especially in Smartphones.

Major tech giants like Samsung, Apple, Oneplus have already added the feature of making the Bluetooth Battery Indicator view in their smartphones but not every mobile phone has received it. They lack this feature.

If you’re using the brands like above-mentioned companies you could easily view the Bluetooth Battery Indication int eh Notification panel or Status Bar.

But if you’re using other brands which are both reputed or non-reputed, you won’t be able to see the battery indication.

Don’t Worry! I have come up with a solution for this.

Recently, I brought Boat Rockerz 255 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones from Amazon Great Indian Sale which I got it for Rs.999/- Sale Price. So today when I went for a morning walk, I paired my Bluetooth earphones with my Honor 7C Smartphone which got connected but then I didn’t know the battery status of the device and then I surfed the web and got the technique to find the battery indication in Android device and that trick I’m gonna share it below for you.

How To View Bluetooth Battery Indicator In Android Devices

Step 1: Download BatON app from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app

Step 3: Turn On your Bluetooth device whether Earphones, Headphones or Speakers.

Step 4: Pair the device manually and wait for it to get connected.

Step 5: Go to BatON app and it will automatically sync your Bluetooth devices and list it on the display.

Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Step 6: Now click on your device and wait for the app to show the battery status.

Step 7: You must be able to see the Battery Percentage % beside the name of the Bluetooth device and also in the Notification Panel.

Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Step 8: The app will refresh the battery status every 3 hours, but if you want to make it earlier, then click the Three Horizontal lines on the top left corner and go to Settings.

Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Step 9: Click on Auto Measure and change the frequency to 15Minutes. Now you will see the battery status every 15 minutes.

Bluetooth Battery Indicator Bluetooth Battery Indicator


Tadda, you’re done. Now you will be able to view your Bluetooth Battery Indicator in your Android devices.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any doubt, please share your concern in the Comment Section.

Final Words:

If you have a Bluetooth device and want to see it’s Battery Percentage Status, Download BatON app from Google Play Store. This app will show you the Bluetooth Battery Indicator of your device in the app and Notification Panel.

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