How Chatbots Can Help Your E-Commerce Business Grow In 2018

Quick Summary: A chatbot is an artificial intelligence tool that adapts the human sense in the form of conversation behaviour to help people by solving their problems in online shopping or rendering services.Chatbots are specially implemented by most of the E-commerce websites and Digital marketing agencies to help their customers from every challenge they face online.

In today’s world, where every person was running an e-commerce website, providing services, online promotion, growing their business.

In such a busy world at the end of the day, they only want their customers to be satisfied.

After the storm emerging of E-commerce websites, people became addict to online shopping, and therefore it leads contribution to the digital world.

Chatbots is the one that helped many e-commerce sites get to know their customer’s problems while rendering services or shopping online.

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots in Ecommerce


A Chatbot is an artificial human intelligence robotic conversational tool that was designed by Michael Mauldin in 1994- (Verbot, the very first chatterbot tool).

The Chatbot was implemented by many social media websites and E-commerce sites to help their customers with their problems.

A chatbot works on a conversational dialogue technology that helps the bot to know the human behaviour of conversation styles they use while reciting their queries.

There are two types of chatbots – one which is configured automatically and the other one is Human representing the chatbot executives.

You must have heard about Siri(Apple Assistant), Google Assistant, Natasha(Hike Chatbot) and many more, they are known as programmed chatbot where robots conversed with humans frontend.

They are developed to save time both for the merchant and customer with an instant help by chatbots.

As said chatbots work on Dialogue tool where they can easily understand the language of humans and them to sort out their queries within seconds.

Whereas Chatbots are handled manually by the humans too. Where at the backend, a salesperson or executive would be answering the queries of their customers with the same tone of how humans conversed with each other.

E-Commerce implementation of Chatbots

An E-commerce website is very vast, in fact very very huge because they have the site with over millions of products displaying in front of the people.

It’s difficult for humans to manage all the queries of their customers facing during shopping but Chatbots have helped the E-commerce websites to lead and solve the questions of their problem.

Chatbots also helped E-commerce website to grow their revenue by 58% in their entire lifestream. Here is the revenue growth in the US after implementing Chatbots.



When eBay implemented chatbots for their bidding auction and sales, millions of people who were unbiased of their queries, the chatbot system smashed the online store by solving their customer’s questions with every requirement keeping in mind.

How Chatbots Helped E-commerce to grow their revenue

Since now every service/e-commerce websites are integrating Chatbots in their system, it’s lead to revenue growth at a rapid level.

Companies like Amazon and eBay never failed to disappoint their customers by solving their queries.

Chatbots can help in Lead generations

Suppose, you are shopping online or looking for service. You enter a website but do not find what you were searching for.

You look at a popup displaying in front of you welcoming you to their site and asking if any help needed.

You ask them for their help, but before you began, they also ask for your information like Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

You enter, and the information is stored in their database, this is where it helps to generate leads for their business.

Chatbots Can Also Help In Lead Conversions

Every business who work hard to satisfy their customers only expect to generate a lead/sales at the end of the day, that’st the moto behind.

So You converse with the chatbot where you ask your queries/help, and they help in solving.

They must impress their customers and make them buy the product that leads to generating sales. This is Leads can be converted at the end of the day.

Chatbots also help people get to know about offers/deals

While surfing online, you see a pop-up chat box in front of you flashing exclusive deals and offers from the websites.

This makes the people more engaged and attracts them to buy the product, and this leads to satisfaction.

Earlier times, when Chatbots didn’t roll out. Email marketing helped many people to get more leads.

Sending offers/deals through Emails which was expensive though but also too useful but was soon replaced by Chatbots which is more cheaper and more natural way to connect with people and increase the revenue.

Types Of Chatbots

There are different types of Chatbots like

Virtual Assistant: Where a robotic assistant helps you to assist with your problems.

Goal Oriented Chatbots: They are open-ended where they have a conversation until and unless you want to end it.

Messaging Apps: Just like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other social networking sites, these chatbots make communication between two humans of their choice.


So here was the brief article about how Chatbots works and how e-commerce websites used to grow their revenue and generate leads.

Chatbots are very useful and their implementation would be blessed for all the upcoming startups and E-commerce store to generate leads and helps in increasing sales revenue turnover.

Thank You for patiently reading this article. Any doubts/queries are most welcome, kindly drop it in the comment section.

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