‘Download Pending’ Google Play Store Error Fixed 2019 Method

Got stuck while downloading apps from Play Store? Well, there are many reasons why this problem occurred. One of the major problems is ‘Download Pending’ Google play store biggest cause. Well, this can be resolved by applying the following methods explained below!

A few months, I have written an article explaining ‘Connection timed out‘ error in the Google Play store. Well, the number of views that the article received was fabulous and is been one of the popular posts of TheTechFever to date.

Even if you facing the Connection timed out the problem then you can read this article – How To Fix Play Store No Connection Error (2019 Method). Hope this article helps you to solve the problem.

So let’s get into the main topic. Hmm. I understand this error is annoying you a lot. Well, firstly, I will tell you why this is happening? What are the causes behind this error? Is this a technical fault or some bugs in the Google Play store? Don’t worry, I will clear all your problems so you don’t need to worry next time while downloading your favorite apps from play store.

Reasons Behind ‘Download Pending’ error in the Google Play Store

1. Apps getting updated In Background

Well, the first and foremost reason is the downloading app is in the queue because of the other app is been updating in the background.

This means, when you’re trying to download a new app, there might be some other apps which are already installed on your smartphone is getting updated to new versions.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat and many more need regular updates which they don’t seek permission to update to the newer version if ‘Auto Update Apps’ is enabled.

2. Low Internet Connectivity

Well, this can be the second major reason behind ‘Download Pending‘ error. You might have got a good internet Download Pendingconnection at your home or work but sometimes what happens is your smartphone won’t fetch the whole internet connectivity speed due to some fault in the device.

It might capture some speed which helps you to browse the internet or social media apps but since downloading apps required more power, this problem might occur frequently.

3. Less Storage Capacity

Sometimes, due to less storage capacity, this problem might occur, well while downloading apps from play store, it may warn us ‘Low Storage, Kindly uninstall few apps‘.

Well, sometimes it doesn’t show up. But we can assume if we see ‘Download Pending‘ error, there might be a chance of low storage capacity.

4. Google Play Store Cache and Updates

I agree that Google Play services updates are a real mess. You cannot deny the ap from getting updates since it is a basic requirement. And because of this even it consumes our Data and mobile storage. This might also be one of the major cause of why the play store shows ‘Download Pending’ option.

Methods To Solve ‘Download Pending’ Error

Method #1 – STOP other apps from getting updated

  • Open your play store and click the three horizontal lines at the top left basically called Menu.
  • Click My apps & games option.Download Pending
  • Swipe to Installed section and you will list of apps installed on your smartphones
  • Now you have to cancel all those apps which are being updated by clicking the X icon.Download Pending
  • Go to the home page and try downloading the app you want to. If downloading, Enjoy 🙂

Method #2 – Check Internet Connection

Over Wifi,

If you’re connected to your Home Wifi or someother’s wifi, Kindly Disconnect it and reboot your phone. This is how you can do it.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click Wireless and networks
  • Go to Wifi and disconnect the current wifi network
  • Restart your phone and again connect to the same wifi network

Over Mobile Network,

Due to the low signal level, you might not be able to download apps so in this case what you can do is.

  • Go to Mobile Network section and deactivate your Sim-Card
  • Turn of the Mobile Data
  • Switch to airplane mode
  • Restart your phone and disable the airplane mode
  • Activate the sim card and turn on the mobile data
  • Go to play store and download the app

Method #3 – Free Up Storage Space

Due to number of apps and images on your device, the app might not get installed due to lack of storage. Follow the steps below to free up space on your device.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Apps and notifications
  • Click on Installed apps
  • Firstly, uninstall all those apps which you don’t use by tapping to that app and clicking Uninstall.
  • Now, clean the cache of some apps like Facebook, Instagram collects more data due to which it consumes more space. So clear the cache by tapping to those apps and clicking ‘Clear Cache‘ option.  (Don’t click Clear Data otherwise you will have to again set up your account).Download Pending
  • Now go to play store and download the app.

Method #4 – Uninstall Google Play Services Updates

As discussed in the earlier section, Google play store updates suck. So you can uninstall those updates by following the method below

  • Go to settings
  • Click Apps and Notifcations
  • Now search for Google Play Services and tap it.
  • Click Uninstall Updates
  • Then go to Google Play Store
  • Tap and click uninstall updates and clear cache
  • Now it will again ask you to install updates. Install it.
  • Then go to Google play store and download your app.

Method #5 – Downloading Apps from other sources

Suppose if all these tricks aren’t working for you. Don’t worry, there are many other alternative sources where you can download apps.

You can download apps from the Internet itself. There are many sites which provide Apk’s files of every app exist on Play Store.

Some of the sites is listed below:-


Play Store is the only place which consists of more than a million apps. And if any problem occurs while downloading our favoruite apps it annoys us. Some problems like ‘Download Pending, Connection Timed Out, Low Storage’ and much more minute problems, distance away from downloading our favorites app.

Well, don’t worry, in this article I have some useful methods by which you can fix the problems on play store and download your app easily.

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