How To Enable Incognito Mode In YouTube (Google 2018 Update)

Google has been adapting many changes every year in effect with advancement in technology and everyday change in algorithm. But one thing Google always ensures about Safety and Privacy of people. Incognito Mode feature is one of the privacy, Google fortuned.

In December 2008 – Google launched it’s first Private browsing feature in Google Chrome and named it as Incognito Mode which helped many users from getting their data leaked and giving some security of their personal information.

What is Incognito Mode?

Incognito mode is a private browsing feature enabled mostly in all web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

This feature works same as normal browsing on the internet but with some Privacy feature enabled. Incognito mode helps a user to surf the internet privately, where the browsers are restricted from capturing the Search history and Creditionals details of a user while he is surfing on the Internet.

Nowadays, breach of information occurs most frequently, and sometimes people aren’t aware of when and how their data has been leaked or stolen.

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Suppose, say you are in an internet cafe and have logged in to any social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and forget to log out and close the browser what happens your profile can now be accessed by any of the people who come next to you and uses the PC.

But if your surf in Incognito mode, forget to log out and closes the browser, your profile will get automatically logged out and all your browsing history will be cleared as soon as you close the browser. This is the power of the Incognito mode.

Youtube Incognito Mode – Google 2018 Update

Youtube, which is now acquired by Google and 2nd most searched website worldwide. As we all know Youtube is one of the famous Video sharing platforms where the video is ranged for all age groups whereas Nudity, Violence, and other not appropriate for the children below 18 years are also shown.

Around millions of people watch videos on Youtube and lakhs of videos are been uploaded every day and this makes Youtube No.1 video sharing platform.

Like Browsers, even Youtube stores the search history, Google accounts and watch history which can be accessed or viewed by anyone through the app or Browser which might be inappropriate for some users.

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So last month, Google released the new feature on youtube where now each and every person who watch videos on Youtube can now use Incognito mode to avoid search history or watch history stored by the app.

Though we can Clear Search history and watch history manually by using incognito mode, there won’t be any hurdles to clear history manually, also a user profile will get logged out automatically.

How to use Incognito Mode on Youtube?

Incognito Mode in youtube is compatible for all the web browsers but in the app, you update it to the latest version.

Install the latest version of Youtube from Google Play Store and open the app,

Login to your Google account

Then, click on your Profile Icon, you will see a new option called ‘Incognito Mode‘.

Youtube Incognito Mode

Click Incognito Mode, Give app the permission and now you can browse the Youtube unlimited without getting the Search history and watch history stored.

The only reason why this feature exists to keep the private data away from other users who try or breach the privacy of the people.

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