Earn Upto $75 With Facebook Research Program App | Fully Explained 2018

Hey Friends! We all want to earn money rather than asking it from our parents. Nowadays Money has become so essential that there isn’t a life without it. In short, you can say Money is next to Smartphone. But to earn money we all need to do hard work because there is no gain without pain, but also to earn some bucks off the amount we don’t need any hard work, we can easily earn while sitting at home and that’s what Facebook Research Program can help you out.

What is Facebook Research Program?

Facebook Research Program is an official program launched by Facebook partnered with Applause testing company. This app is all about collecting users data to get the company know about the way users use their smartphone to enhance their experience.

But you might feel insecure. Why does Facebook want to collect your data, even after the February 2018 scandal?

Due to which many of them deleted their account from Facebook to protect their personal information. But Time has changed, and even Facebook has improved their security system.

In May 2018. Facebook launched its official app ‘Facebook Research Program‘ which was unknown to many users until it became visible a few days ago.

Facebook is rewarding every user who keeps this installed in their Android smartphone.

How this App Works


While keeping this app installed on your smartphone, it starts collecting all your data (everything is confidential, don’t worry!). The way you use to help Facebook to improve their user experience.

What you have to do is install the app and turn on the VPN server. Don’t uninstall it otherwise you won’t get any reward.

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What Has To Be Done By You

First of all, you will need to register for this Research Program. After registering, connect the Facebook Research Program App VPN and keep it for 4-5 hours overnight, no need to use it in your morning.

“Earn While Sleeping”

How to register?

For that, you will need to send me your details. Just Click here and fill up the form. You will have to provide your Full Name and Paypal Email ID.

Facebook Research Program

What is Paypal and how to create an account?

Paypal is an international payment app where you can send and receive payments from all over the world and withdraw it to your local bank. Facebook Research Program will send you the reward through Paypal after that you will be able to withdraw the money to your bank.

Click here to create an account in Paypal

After you have created an account in Paypal, fill in the details in the link here. After a while, you will receive a welcome email from Facebook Research Program. After that you will need to register for the program with VPN of other countries or If you are an Indian, Select Sex as Female because Male cannot create their account since it is close.

Facebook Research Program

After that, you will be getting the App download link and invitation code.

After you have downloaded the app, you will need to insert the invitation code and install the certificate which will be provided inside the app.

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Note: Invitation Code will be provided in your Email.

Facebook Research Program

Remember you must connect to VPN before installing the app. 

What is VPN? Virtual Private Network is a service where you can hide your original IP address and connect it to any place around the world. For say if you are in India, you can use VPN to connect with United States IP address.

Here are some best VPN apps below.

Even though they are paid but also you can it for free. Connect to any country hassle free.

Just download and install it. Connect to any of your favourite countries with Internet-connected, and you’re done.

Earn Upto $75 With Facebook Research Program App | Fully Explained 2018 1

After installing the app, keep the app active with VPN server as I said you could connect it overnight while you are sleeping for 4-5 hours.

And that’s it. Just sit back and relax and wait for the reward.

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How much will you be rewarded?

According to their project, they are rewarding the users in this terms.

  • If you have the app installed. You will earn $5 per month just keeping the app active.
  • This app also has the referral program where if you refer any friend who signup and install the app and keep it active, you will get $10 per referral along with $5 for holding the app install.
  • You will also be getting $20 for five referral who keep the Facebook research app active.

Isn’t this worthy?  You can earn as much as for every referral and keep the apps installed. By this, you can earn up to 75 dollars or %100 dollar which is around Rs. 5000-Rs.10,000 per month.

Here is the Proof

Facebook Research Program

You don’t have to worry, keep the app install, Refer it > Sit back and relax.

You will receive your payment through Paypal by which you can withdraw it to your local bank account. “Keep Patience to earn hectic lottery amount.”

Remember: Don’t uninstall the app or else you will lose your opportunity.

Cheers 🙂

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