What Is Facial Recognition Security System | Pros And Cons Explained 2018

Hey Friends! Nowadays, Smartphones and other devices have become more secured and powerful with its advanced technology and enhancing the security to protect the data and avoiding any spam activities and doing suspicious activities in a country. Today we will be learning a new terminology under the Protection and Data secured called “Facial Recognition Security System“.

So, you must have heard about Face Unlock or Facial Recognition feature in your Android Or iPhone Smartphone right? Facial Recognition System Secured has taken the world of technology to a next level. Here even Cyber Crime and Police Officials used this technology to arrest Spammers and Criminals by doing malicious activities. 

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Recently, in the United States Airport. A person from Brazil tried to enter US land with a duplicate passport where all his personal information were fake and even the Photo in the passbook was unrealistic.

His overconfident landed him back to his own country with a forever band to the US. When the airport officials identified the person carried the fake passbook with the help of Facial Recognition Security System where his Real face failed to match the Photo in the passbook, he was debarred immediately by the US Government and was sent back to his home country.

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This was the first imposter caught by the US officials by using the Facial Recognition Security System.

What Is Facial Recognition Security System

Facial Recognition Security System or Face Recognition is an advanced technology where the Face of a human being can be recognized for the verification purpose. There are many methods to use this technology.

facial recognition security system

Nowadays, everything has become online. While entering into a competition or applying for an important, the details are filled in a computer application form.

Some people take this as an advantage where they misuse this technology and end up submitting the fake information.

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But when because of the invention of Facial Recognition Security System came into existence, it has become easy for all the departments to identify the surreal and fake identity of a person.

What Is Facial Recognition Security System | Pros And Cons Explained 2018 1

This technology is mostly used by Security Service companies, Research and Development and many automobiles and Tech giant companies just to get secured from spammers and criminals. 

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Pros Of Face Recognition Technology

  • Improvement In Security System: This technology helped to improve the security system of many companies and tech giants. This technology can help an organisation to identify whoever is entering your premises and verify their details clean and completely.
  • High Accuracy: With this help of this technology, Face ID Unlock is becoming more and more reliable. With the combination of Security and Face detection system helps to trick the frauds from doing any malicious activities. 
  • fully Automated: This feature doesn’t need any coding or programming skills. The advancement in technology helps to match the identity of a person with their Official documents.

Cons Of Face Recognition Technology

  • Camera Angles: Face ID need a perfect angled identification to cross the verification process. This is the major cons where different angles of detection don’t work reliably with Face Recognition technology since it isn’t able to catch the notch of the angle and this failed to recognize the facial ID.
  • Insufficient Storage: The storage problem is the major cause. Eventually, after the implementation of this technology, there has been more than 100,000 face ID detection and each and every identity has to be stored in a proper place for future purposes and collection of data which is very risky for all the tech giant and IT companies. 

Rest, Facial Recognition Security System is nowadays implemented in each and every device like Smartphones and other security services. It has reduced the scandals and fraud and hoping the best that the technology gets improved in their cons and weakness to make this technology one of the powerful Facial recognition security system.

Cheers, 🙂

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