How To Write An Error Free Document With Grammarly | Full Review 2018

Brief Introduction: Grammarly is an online Professional Proofreading software which helps to rectify and modify your document and remove the messy words and makes a clean, effective and mistake-free document. Here I will be discussing features, my review, Free and Premium version, etc…

Are you in a relationship with ‘Spelling Mistakes‘? What makes you commit this errors? It’s obvious, we all are humans, and everyone makes mistakes but to rectify it, we need someone who looks into and goes through our entire spell error spots and amends it.

Say, you’re a writer and have written a novel which is unedited. Knowing that you had made a lot of mistakes and didn’t want it to get published without proofreading it. So we hire a professional editor who is specialized in this field.

What they do is scan your entire manuscript and highlights all the errors whether it’s Punctuation, meaningless sentences or lousy vocabulary. With their expertise talent, they remove all the messy wrong words and make your manuscript a clean script.

Same like when preparing your Resume/CV or Letter drafting or Article or Speech, somewhere you make mistakes and before giving it a final touch you hire someone and give it a perfect completion.

But don’t you think, you have a considerable investment in this? Especially an editor charges around $1500-$3000 for 150,000 words novel, $50 for an Article or Resume.

People with Salary based can’t afford this much especially at the time of spending more than $200, they think twice. Isn’t that annoying?

Technology has advanced a lot, while we all are deriving the traditional approach, Digital world has enhanced the lifestyle of many people.

Nowadays, Blogging has taken the level of the internet to another extreme world. Over 252+ blogs worldwide have made the internet in the storm.

Bloggers write an article on a daily basis, keeping in mind the visitor’s interests preference, they give their utmost best to deliver an interactive and catchy article.

But do you think they would hire an editor to edit their articles? No, It’s entirely Wrong and Time wasting.

All the professional bloggers go for Online editor alternative. You must have heard about Grammarly. Yes! Online Spell Master to make your script clear, effective and mistake-free documents.

If you don’t know what Grammarly is, let’s go into deep.

What Is Grammarly?


Grammarly is an online based Professional proofreading and copyrighting tool established in 2009. This software is fully customized and comes with advanced features. Here you can edit all your documents and scripts simultaneously when you are working on it. There are two versions. One Is Free, and Another One is Premium.

Features Of Grammarly

  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Plagiarism detector*
  • Outdated spelling
  • Missing articles
  • Missed words
  • Weak adjectives
  • Word definitions and suggestions
  • Repetitive words
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Grammar rule explanations
  • Personal dictionary

How Grammarly Handles Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is more like stiffing other works like content copy-pasting, stealing information and many more from different websites for the self-use. Grammarly is an artificial intelligence tool that scans all the data from over 16 billion web pages and signing a notification to the user to remove/replace their existing content with new one. This feature is available only in Premium Version.

How Does Grammarly Prove to be a Clean, Effective and Mistake Free Software?

Grammarly is designed in such a way that it can scan and identify the document which has too many spell errors, meaningless sentence and punctuation errors. For instance, you’re writing an article, Okay before that Let us learn how to Install and Use this tool.

First of all, you need is to create a free Grammarly account. Click here to Register. After filling up the form, Confirm your registration by clicking the activation link sent to your Email inbox.


After you have successfully registered to Grammarly, Now you have to choose between Free version or Premium Version. The difference between both the versions has been discussed below.

Grammarly can be integrated with Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Windows,  Android, and IOS.

  • Grammarly For Chrome:

Grammarly can be installed in Chrome via downloading chrome extension. Go to their website, and in their Homepage, you will see a Green Colour box saying ‘Add to Chrome for Free.’ Click the button and download the extension it will get automatically installed.

After that on the Left corner Top bar, you will see Grammarly icon. Click the icon and Log in to your account. Hence your feature is activated on Chrome.

Now if you are writing an article on WordPress or any Blog platform. You will see some Redline below the words which means they are incorrect and has to be replaced.

After you are done with your article. Scroll down to the bottom of your article, and you will see Grammarly icon at the Right bottom as shown in the image below.

Click on the icon, and you will see Two color circle, one is in Red and another one in Yellow Color.

Red color indicates Spelling and punctuations errors. Yellow color means Improper framed sentences, Active and Passive voice differentiation, Adjective error, etc..This is available only for Premium version whereas Spelling errors can be made in the Free version.

  • Grammarly For MS Office and Windows:

Log in to your Grammarly account. In Dashboard, Click on apps, and you will see ‘Grammarly for Microsoft Office‘ and ‘Grammarly For Windows 10′. Download the software, install it and open your MS Word. In Windows, it will get automatically installed.

You will an option Grammarly on the top menu, Click the option and then Open Grammarly. Connect your account, and on the Right column, you will see a White text board.

Now whenever you write something, and if any error is found in your document, Grammarly will display on the Whiteboard where you can read and modify the changes if necessary.

  • Grammarly For Android & IOS

There are many Grammarly alternatives keypad in mobile devices, some come up with Emojis and some with other languages, but free version comes up with pure English language and Emojis too. (Also you can change the style).

You can switch your Keypad version to Grammarly to avoid spell errors and wrong sentences. The keypad is user-friendly and easy in typing. The app is available in Play store and Apple Store.

How Grammarly Works?

Let say, you have drafted a letter and wanted to send it to your Boss or any institution. But wait? Are you sure that the Letter is 100% clean and mistake free? Though you might be an expert in English, also we are humans, and humans do make a mistake.

So, to rectify we use generally use MS Word to check the Spelling and Grammer mistakes which are an inbuilt feature of MS Office but do you think it’s accurate?

Grammarly has a solution for it. For a better edit spot. Log in to your free Grammarly account and in Dashboard click on New Document.


Paste your Letter from Top to bottom and check out the change in color at the bottom. Undoubtedly you will see both Red and Yellow circles with the number of errors mentioned.

Now, it’s time to modify your Letter. Go to the top, and you could see Red Underline below words which means that the particular word is improper or not matching with the sentence. Side to the paragraph you will see the correct word. Click on that word, and this will replace the wrong word with the corrected one.

Next, come to the sentence, if you have written a sentence and Grammarly don’t find it meaningful, it will frame the proper sentence structure according to the paragraph and show it to your side of the section.

This is how Grammarly works hence it proves to be the cleanest, Effective and Mistake Free software.

Free Vs. Premium


As a beginner, we never wanted to invest unless and until we find it very useful. Nowadays every feature on the internet comes up with Free and Pro plans. Where Free plans are features restricted while Premium with no restrictions.

For those who are very Lucid in writing, I prefer to go for Free plan hence no use of upgrading it to Premium, but if you are an entrepreneur or Company or Agency.

I especially recommend you to update your Plan, Not because Premium plan will give you more benefits but also it will make your document look professional and healthy.

Specially Content writers who write for MNC or Blogs are highly recommended to use Grammarly Premium just to enhanced your writing skills.

Premium Pricing Plans


Grammarly offers Premium Plans at affordable prices. You can subscribe to their Premium plans Quarterly, Monthly or Yearly based on your capacity. Above is the price comparison table of Grammarly Premium Plans. You can pay via VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. 

Personal Opinion:


Though Humans are more intelligent than machines but sometimes to consume time and money we have to depend on them. I came across Grammarly through one of my friends, when he spotted too many spelling mistakes while texting. He said me to switch from the standard keypad to Grammarly Free and from that day I never un-installed this app from my Smartphone.

I quickly installed it on my Google Chrome and MS Office, trust me it saved my life. Finally felt a relief from the mass volume of Spell errors. All thanks to Grammarly for providing such fantastic technology.

Hope till now you have Pressed the back button and quickly downloaded Grammarly on your devices and tested it without reading the whole article. Such an engaging response I believe. I would personally tell you Go and switch it to Grammarly.

Also, Click the link below to get the Grammarly premium at discounted prices for the limited period.

Get Your Grammarly Deal

Thank You for patiently reading the article, see you in the section with such enthusiasts and bringing value to the content. Cya.

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