How To Get Back Lost Snapchat Streaks (2019 Working Method)

Hey Friend, It’s been a long time since I haven’t posted anything about Snapchat and it’s hacks but today I’m back with a trick where if you a snap addict and you and your friend are continuously running snap streaks, then this article is for you. Here we will learn how to get back lost How To Get Back Lost Snapchat Streaks in just a few hours!

Basically, when we are must indulge in Snap streaks with our friends, our only aim to set a new record by creating a high number of streaks and the only fear we have is not to lose the snap streaks just because in case of unavailability or snapchat connectivity issues.

Even sometimes, when we use to send snaps to our friends every day, maintaining the frequency of streaks we might end up losing our streaks and it disappoints us again due to which we have to start from the beginning. *All our hard work gets ruined*.

But after reading this article, I’m sure, even if you lose your Snap streaks in future your heart won’t shrink since you can get it back your streaks from the given below method.

Note: This article provides you the genuine method of how to get back your snap streaks back and no other malicious activities is been showed that could harm the policy and terms of snapchat.

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Get Your Lost Snapchat Streaks Back

Firstly, Open your Chrome Browser or any other browser on your device.

Then, Click the link here to get into Snapchat’s website.

After getting redirected to the Snapchat website, Scroll down and you will see Snapstreaks with fire ghost icon.Lost Snapchat Streaks

Click that option and then scroll down again. You will see a feedback statement stated

Need Help With Something Else” Click Yes.Lost Snapchat Streaks

You will be taken to Snapchat troubleshoot page.

There, you will see various links, Select “My Snapstreaks Dissaperead” and then scroll down.Lost Snapchat Streaks

You will see a fill-up form where you will have to mention your

  1. Snap Username
  2. Email ID
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Device
  5. Friends username
  6. When did you lose your streaks
  7. Snap streaks score
  8. Could you see the streak icon
  9. and, the message you want to convey.

So let’s go into deep!

Snapchat Username:

First of all, you will need to provide your Snap Username to get the Developers to know about the identity.

Snapchat Email ID:

Provide your Email ID to hear back the response from the snapchat team about your issue.

Mobile Number:

Provide your Mobile Number for verification purpose.

Device Name:

Mention your Device name in which you have logged in your account since Snapchat can be accessed in one device at a time.

Friend’s Username:

Now, provide your Friend’s Username with whom you have lost your Snapstreaks, this will help the snapchat team to know about your Snapstreaks history. (Remember: Only one name at a time)

When did you lose your Snapstreaks:

Suppose, if you lost your Snapstreaks today, then mention (Current Date), If yesterday then (Yesterday’s Date) or some other date, Don’t give any false date, you won’t be able to recover your Snapstreaks again.

Your Snapstreaks Score:

Mention your Snapstreaks score, if it was 100 then write 100 or some other number. Even here don’t mention any false number.

Streaks Icon Visible:

If you could see your Streaks Icon then Type YES  and if you don’t, then type NO.

Your Message:

Type your message you want to convey to snapchat team based on the following details given above. For example, see a dummy message below:

Dear Snapchat,

Me and my friend were at a peak of continuing our Snapchat streaks and we’re at the score of 150. But today morning, when I woke up, I could see the streaks disappeared. I request you to kindly regain my streaks as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Your Name

After Writing the message, Complete the captcha and Click Send Button.

You will receive an Email from the Snapchat team regarding your issue within a few hours or days.

Don’t Worry, Your Snapstreaks are with you, it has just gone for a vacation, So chill out.

Hope you had liked the article. Till that keep visiting TheTechFever for more amazing tech tricks.

Cheers 🙂


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