How To Avoid Cancellation Charges On OLA Bookings (Updated)

*This article is Updated on 2nd January 2019(

This method will only work if you have been charged unnecessarily by Ola for cancellation of your ride booking. Do not use this method for every cancellation you made on your booking unintentionally; your account might get blocked or inaccessible if you do it regularly.

Howdy, Reader! Sometimes, I feel why to book OLA or Uber for my traveling though they provide many offers and incentives then they also have the dark side of cheating their consumers intentionally.


Sometimes, due to technical errors in the system of OLA Server, the fare rate shown in the screen after the ride differs from the amount shown while booking the cab. Usually, those technical errors end up charging higher fare rates which consumers aren’t aware of, and they end up paying an extra lot of money to the OLA driver.

But there are also some smart consumers who are well known for this error and with their full courage, they fight with OLA driver or OLA Custome Care support, and finally, they get the achievement by getting apologize greeting from OLA and providing some incentives to their customers for not following this mistake hereafter.

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Well, I will not go much into detail about OLA pros and cons, but here I’m going to show why not to pay Rs.50 or Rs.75 unnecessarily for canceling the ride before the period and also why to bear because of the denial of taking charge of a trip by the driver.


OLA is India’s one of largest Cab service provider, with over millions of users, OLA gained the trust of their customers. With brilliant customer support and services, people prefer riding with OLA then using any other Cab Service Provider. But because of this existing cab service provider, this gave a substantial impact on the Auto-Rickshaw and Taxi driver affecting their jobs by losing their customers.

But one thing good about them is, they don’t charge any cancellation charges what OLA and other service provider do it. I genuinely believe in preferring those local taxi drivers to travel for my own satisfaction but the only cons are they are higher rates where the service provider doesn’t.

So, let’s go deep into the talk how to avoid cancellation charges on OLA if charged unnecessarily.  

Whenever we book a cab, the responsibility comes from both sides where the Cab driver should reach the arrival destination on time and the customer should be ready enough to be there on that particular place they have pointed out the location but in India, Road traffic is one of the biggest cause, why a person couldn’t reach on time.


Due to which both the person gets cursed by each other for delaying, same here in the case between OLA and customer. Due to delay in arriving at the destination, the customer becomes annoyed and he ends up cancelling the cab which then he also gets charged some cancellation fees from the service provider which annoys him more.

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Sometimes, if the driver is late, he denies canceling the cab of his own and requests the customer to cancel the booking so that his profile couldn’t be affected and the customer ends up ending the booking and bear the cancellation charges on the next ride.

In order to avoid this fraud, the customer can raise a complaint by creating a support ticket. Here is how one can register a complaint to avoid cancellation fees.

  1. If you cancel the ride within 5 minutes of booking, you will not be charged the cancellation fee.
  2. But if you are struck with any work and got no other option except canceling the ride, if the time cross above 5 minutes then you will have to bear the charges. But you can get rid of this charge by providing a valid reason for the cancellation of the ride. OLA customer support respects the needs of their consumers and they remove the affected charges from the user account.
  3. If the driver denies serving the ride and orders the customer to cancel the ride and book a new cab, in this, you will bear the charges but then you also have right to throw a complaint against the driver and remove the bearer charges from his profile. Also in case if you have added any coupon and due to the cancellation of the ride, you can raise a complaint and get the coupon provided the reason must be valid.

Here is how you can raise the complaint:

  • Open OLA app and go to Your Rides.
  • Select the ride which you have canceled recently on which you have have been charged cancellation fees.
  • Click on Support at the right bottom.
  • In the list, click on ‘Charged cancellation free incorrectly‘, this will only work if you have been charged if not you will see this message ‘You have not been charged a cancellation fee for this ride‘.
  • Then you wave a request for the cancellation fee with a valid reason and the same fee will be credited to your OLA money account.

By chance, if you don’t see any option then you can send them an email to this address:

Email Id: [email protected]

Just tell them the reason along with Booking ID, the team will make an investigation and you will be surely replied within 24 hours or also you can raise a complaint from the App but Email is the best option I prefer.

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Thank you for reading this article. If you have any doubts, kindly leave a comment in the Comments section.

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