How To Password Protect Folder In Windows Without Software 2019

In the world of hackers, it has become quite difficult to secure our data from an anonymous person. In order to avoid that, we need to encrypt our files with a password. This article will teach you how to password protect folder in Windows 7 and above without any software.

This method is damn simple and just a matter of 5mins of work.

No Hard work required, No Time Investment, and also no software is required to lock your folder with password.

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Steps Of Password Protect Folder In Windows

Step 1: You will need to create a New folder name Hidden.

Step 2: Now Copy all your Private files to that New folder

Password Protect Folder

Step 3: Now open your Notepad and copy down this code below!

Password Protect Folder

View the code

Step 4: Now find ‘Your Password-Here‘ inside the code using Find/Replace option

Step 5: Replace ‘Your Password-Here’ with ‘Your Password (Anything of your choice)‘ to lock the folder.

Password Protect Folder

Step 6: Now go to file > Click Save As and Select ‘All Files‘ in Save as type option.

Step 7: Now on file name type ‘Lock.bat‘ and click the Save option.

Password Protect Folder

Step 8: You will see a file name ‘Lock.bat’ next to your folder

Step 9: Now open that file and you will see a folder created automatically named ‘Locker’

Password Protect Folder

Step 10: Move your New Folder  to Locker Folder

Watch the tutorial:

Step 11: Now click the Lock.Bat and it will ask ‘Do you want to lock this folder [Y/N]’

Step 12: Type Y and press enter.

Password Protect Folder

Step 13: You will see the Locker folder has been disappeared and only Lock.bat the only exit.

This is because you have locked the folder and the system don’t want to show the locked items publicly. But don’t worry your folder is safe.

Password Protect Folder

Step 14: Now if you want to see your folder, you will have to unlock the password

Step 15: Click on Lock.bat file and it will ask you to enter the password to unlock.

Step 16: Enter the password and click Enter

How To Password Protect Folder In Windows Without Software [year] 1

You will see your folder back in front of your eyes.

If you want to lock the folder again, just simply follow Step 11-13 and to unlock follow Step 15-16.

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Protecting your files is really important since your personal data can be seen by anyone if they are using your system.

So in order to hide or encrypt your data, you will need to password protect folder so that all your data is secured. The method is shown above will help you to lock your data and protect it from anonymous.

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