How To Record Whatsapp Call Voice And Video | 2019 Edition

How to record WhatsApp calls?  Well, this question must have come in your mind.

We know how to record the call recorder on our smartphones. Yes, some smartphones come with default call recording feature which records all your calls automatically and some use Auto Call recording app. But here today we will learn How To Record Whatsapp Call Voice And Video with a very simple method.

So after Whatsapp released its first voice call feature, in short time, it became hit since people who have network issues, can make a call via Whatsapp over the internet.

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And meanwhile, after few days, Whatsapp released its a Video call feature, People liked it so much that they dud uninstalled other apps such as Skype, Wechat and others.

Soon as people started acquiring Whatsapp call over Normal call, they started in search of how to record WhatsApp call. Since Auto Call recorder works only for Normal calling feature,

There are many apps on play store which provide Whatsapp call recording feature but aren’t satisfied with the audio quality and sometimes it doesn’t record calls.

But don’t worry! Here I have found a very useful app which will record your every single call and save it on your smartphone. So let’s dive.

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How To Record Whatsapp Calls (Voice)

Step 1: Download Cube Call Recorder from the Google Play Store

Record Whatsapp Calls

Cube Call recorder is one of the best call recorder app present in play store. It is a safe and secure call recorder apps with over 5M+ downloads

Features Of Cube Call Recorder

  • Automatically Record Every single call
  • Record Calls for the specific person
  • High-quality audio call recording
  • Records call on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WeChat, LINE, and much more.

Step 2: Open the app and skip the introduction

Step 3: Grant all the permission and now enable Whatsapp label

Step 4: Now call any person and see if Cube recorder shows up, it means recorder is working

Step 5: If it doesn’t, then there is an error. Go to Miscellaneous > Swipe down and click Go to app connector settings.

Step 6: Go to Cube ACR app connector and enable the option.

That’s it. The app will record all your each and every Whatsapp calls.

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How To Record Whatsapp Calls (Video)

Well, Cube Call recorder cannot record videos since it’s only audio recording but don’t worry, there is another app which will record your Whatsapp video calls.

Record Whatsapp Calls

Step 1: Download AZ Screen recorder from Playstore

Step 2: Now, before making a video call just open the AZ Screen Recorder.

Step 3: Enable the recording option and make the video call

Step 4: As the conversation ends, Stop the recording option, Save it and then play.


Want to record Whatsapp calls but don’t know how to do it? Well, I have explained the method above where you can record both voice and video calls for free without any interruption. Well, for the voice you can use Cube Call Recorder app and for video, you can use the AZ Screen recorder option.

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