A Master Guide To SEO | Search Engine Optimization 2019

So have you started blogging? Not yet? Then why wasting time, In my previous article I have written about the best blogging platforms where you can start blogging for free. Well, Blogging doesn’t mean only writing and sharing, It is also about optimizing and making people read. So to know how to optimize your blog,  this article will now teach you a new term called Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. Let’s begin!

What Is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Those who are into blogging, they would clearly know about the importance of SEO and it’s tactics in this Internet world.

SEO is defined as method of deriving targeted users/readers to the website by optimizing the content and ranking it on the top of search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization is very much important, not because to get better rankings on search engines but also to improve authority and trustworthiness of the website.

By this it means, A new website, which is very unknown to search engines, where people are not aware of this website, so by building a strong authority, the website will be visible in eyes of Search engines, and people which will help to derive huge amount of traffic to the website and thus it also helps to build trustworthiness among the people which will make them visit your website again and again, and it will also help to increase the ranking position of  search engine results.

List Of Search Engines On the Internet

Search Engines means Providing the best answers for the query asked by the user by analyzing millions of website on the screen.

So Only Google? No, there are many other search engines exist on the internet other than Google but as of 2019, Yes Google remains top of all.

Google is now be considered as BOSS of the internet, from getting to hear this word from every mouthpiece, Google has built his space of authority and trustworthiness in the heart of People and the internet.

Here are the list Search engines and their statistics listed below.

Search Engine Stastics

So, as you can see 73% of search queries come from Google and est following him. This graph shows, no wonder why Google is favorite among all.

So, how Google did this? Though being a Search engine metric, Even Google would have applied some strategies to build it’s brand and authority right?

Do you know? Google is not the first Search Engine, there were many others before Google like Yahoo, Webcrawler, Archie.

But where have all these Search engines disappeared except Bing & Yahoo?* Well, let’s read How Search Engines works and answer the query asked above.

How Search Engine Works?

Search Engines works on algorithms, and based on those algorithms,  it displays the best and suitable answers to the queries asked by users.

All Search Engines has its own algorithms where some have many and some rely on only one or two.

How search engines actually work? so let’s take a real-life example:

Suppose you have a query and search answer on the Internet. So you will open your web browser whether Chrome or Safari and type your query lets say ‘ Types Of Coffee’ in Google Search Engines.

So what you get? Google displays all the relevant answers based on the keywords you entered in the query box, where the first five links of different websites displayed are the most relevant answers to your query which Google finds it most suitable.

Search Engines

You must be wondering,  there are plenty of websites which writes about ‘Types Of Coffee’ but why only a few websites are been shown on the first page of Google?

This is because Google thinks, these few websites are more relevant and provides the best answer for the user query.

How Google Search Engine Works?

  • Analyzing Your Content:  So you have written an article on ‘Types Of Coffee‘ and your article is been listed on the first page of Google search engine. This happened because Google loved the way you have structured your article. By keeping in mind of the User-Intent, Google thinks, your article is more suitable for this query and so by the help of algorithms, Google ranks your page on the first page. if you wonder, why only your website is getting ranked, then read the image below!

A Master Guide To SEO | Search Engine Optimization [year] 1

  • Providing Best Results: This is what Google is all about. Providing the best results to its users is the only moto.  In order to get your article get rank and provides results to users, you will need to Impress Google. And Once Google is impressed, You will see the best miracle of your life. (But remember, Google algorithms keep on changing), so there is no guarantee, your website will slay only on the first page, so you will need to apply different strategies to impress Google again and again.

Do You Know? Google has more than 120 Algorithms and more than 200 ranking factors

Further, Search engines derive results in two ways:

Organic Search:

Organic Search is where Google shows the results naturally by analyzing the relevancy, authority, and usefulness of the website. If the website has a number of quality backlinks, it receives organic traffic from Google.

The number of organic searches receives from Google is such that a person could easily able to make his living out of it.

Ever noticed while surfing Google, whenever you search something to say if you’re searching for ‘Digital marketing company in Chennai‘ the first three links displayed on the results page is something different as shown in the image below.

Well, these are Paid links, where the website owner run Ad campaigns by paying  Google to show their website on the topmost position.

Paid Search


By applying this strategy, the website which has provided paid links receives organic traffic from Google. This type of technique is mostly used by Companies and agencies to promote their business or services.

So this was all about how Search Engine work.

Let’s dive into the next segment and an important part of this article.

Types Of SEO

it’s time to reveal the success behind Google ruling the world of the Internet.

So as I said Search Engines works based on what type of query User input in the query box. So before Google established, the other search engines how they worked is, their algorithms were based on ‘Keywords Matching Content’.

What does this mean is, when a user typed some particular keywords lets say ‘Top 10 Cities in the world‘.

So Search engines find the exact or similar keyword by analyzing the content of millions of websites, and those websites with the most number of keywords used are been displayed on the first page of their search results.

So the results are shown on the basis of Keywords only.

But when Google was launched, since they were new in the Market and far away from top other search engines, Google started discovering their own algorithms.

According to the thesis, Google Search Engine was different from other search engines because they mainly focused on the relationship of websites (primary links).

Google loves backlinks, it means, if a website is getting a link back from other websites, Google understand that this website is pouring some value so only it is getting a backlink.

Google was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry page and by the early 2000’s it started building the trust of people by improving it’s search engines algorithms, It started overtaking the place of other search engines to rival the first position of search engine list.

In short, Google Search Engine rely only on Backlinks. And the websites that get the most number of high-quality backlinks Google lists those websites on their first page of their search results.

What SEO strategies did Google implied to win the race. Here you will be learning types of SEO that websites owner applies to get it better-ranking position on search engines.

\Types Of SEO


1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a genuine way of optimizing the website to get better Search Engine ranking Position also known as SERP.

This SEO is otherwise also known as On-Site SEO. It means, making the website and it’s pages SEO-friendly so that Google could easily analyze your website and provide the best results to the users.

By doing this, You get a chance to impress Google, and thus you will be eligible to get better SERP’s naturally.

Let’s read the just of What kind of On-Page SEO is needed to be done.

  • improving Website Loading Speed
  • SEO-Friendly URL
  • Optimized Title Tags & Meta-Description
  • Proper Keyword Placement
  • Use of H-Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Internal Linking
  • Use Social Share Buttons

On-Page Seo helps to get natural backlinks from other niche websites if properly optimized. To ensure whether the On-Page Optimization is done correctly or not you can use Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to analyze your site performance.

To Check the website loading visit:, Pingdom, Google PageSpeed,

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a kind of Link building process where all the activities of creating backlinks are made outside of the website. Off-Page SEO is of three types:

Types Of SEO

  • White Hat SEO: This is the pure genuine method of creating Backlinks without violating terms and rules of Google. White Hat SEO technique is the process of building backlinks from High-authority websites professionally.
  • Grey Hat SEO: This SEO technique is a kind of manually creating backlinks from different sources. Though sometimes it violates Google terms & conditions if they find it relevant, the website gets better SERP rankings.
  • Black Hat SEO: This SEO technique is a pure unethical way of creating ranking and fooling Google. This technique helps to create tons of backlinks without working hard. Though the website may get better search engines rankings but not for a longer time. If someday, Google catches, it backlist the website and the website will never ever get listed in Google Search Results.

Some Of the Off-Page SEO techniques are listed below!

  • Creating Shareable Content
  • Guest Posting
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Infographics
  • Link Exchange

These were some examples of Off-Page SEO.

Note: Google hates Spammy backlinks and if you try to fool Google by spamming above techniques, Google will penalize your website and it would be very difficult to recover from all the penalties.


SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimization. It’s a method of deriving organic traffic from Search engine by optimizing content and getting better SERP rankings.

SEO is the most important of any blog/website. If there is no SEO, then consider your website as a Dead live firm where there is content but no readers.

Search Engine works on algorithms, and every search engines have their own algorithms.

Some of the search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, AOL, Ask, etc

Search engines are further classified into two forms:

  • Organic Search 
  • Paid Search

Organic search is where the website gets natural traffic by creating a number of quality backlinks from different websites.

Paid Search is where the website owner pays Google to list their website on the first page of their results page.

There are types of SEO’s:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is something like customizing and giving a beautiful look to the website. In technical term, Optimizing the content in such a way that it could impress Google.

And if Google is impressed, there is a chance your website to get better search engine rankings. Here are some of the On-Page SEO Techniques.

Off-Page SEO is like promoting the website and deriving traffic from different sources. There are three types of Off-Page SEO they are

  • White Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

Overall, Search Engine Optimization is very important for any website. Just Keep in Mind:

“Impress Google, and Google will love you back.”

“Build High-Quality Backlinks, Google will give you Traffic.”

“Don’t try to fool Google,  Google will be your support system.”

“And Lastly, Google is the boss of the internet. So SEO is in your hands whether bae or slay.”


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