How To Block Unwanted Spam Emails In Gmail (2019 Method)

Hey Friends! In today’s world, we all have Gmail accounts, though most of the common man doesn’t use it till it’s needed to activate our Play Store account in our smartphone. But other than those, people are who into the corporate world or local business they use Gmail to transfer information frequently. But the major problems with Gmail in the analytics of daily routine people use to get many Spam emails from various sources.

Even you might have experienced it. Whenever you refresh your Gmail account, you shall be receiving various Offers, coupons, Subscription email from different countries with different email id’s which is annoying.

Why are we getting these Email frequently

you may ask it.

Thre are many platforms that indulge in these type of activities where the companies/ spammers grooved the Internet as their medium to promote their products/services and likely to send Emails to those which are out of the interest and useless.

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For example: Suppose you are a cricket lover, and so you will love receiving emails regarding Cricket related news. But what if you received some emails regarding home appliances? Will, you open the email and read it or keep it unread? This is called Email spam.

Sending emails which are not relevant to users and later on getting blocked or filtered from the user’s account.

There are many other reasons why you receive such emails:

  • Random Guessing: In this case, the spammers randomly generate email address manually or through some tools, where they can create more than 1000’s of Email ID’s in a few minutes. After that, they use some Email services to send those bulk spam emails to users.
  • Buying Email Address: In most cases, companies when they aren’t able to capture email address based on the user’s interest, they go for purchasing bulk email address at a minimum cost. These email addresses are most likely to be genuine and accurate but are not segregated based on the user’s preferences.
  • Hacking: This is spammers also trap the most common techniques, where not only emails are captures but also the related personal information for the alternative way of communication.

Why do Emails are filtered to Spams automatically in Gmail

As you know, day by day Google algorithms is getting strict and secured. Out of 120 Google algorithms, Gmail follows few. 

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This algorithm helps Gmail to detect Spam or June emails and trash it them to the Spam folder which is not shown in Inbox.

Why to Blocking Spam emails?

Every day we receive en-number of emails in which some of them are useful and some not, but it doesn’t matter. Blocking these spam emails will help you to get rid of unwanted emails. You will stop receiving emails from those address which you have blocked which is a plus point for you.

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#1- Steps For Blocking Spam Emails In Gmail

Blocking an email address is as simple as Unfriending a person on Facebook. Usually, there are various methods where you can Block emails:

Method 1

You can block a particular Email by just two clicks

  • Click on the specific email which you want to Block
  • Drag your mouse cursor to the drop-down button on the right side of the Email.

Block Spam Emails

  • Click on Block Email

How To Block Unwanted Spam Emails In Gmail (2019 Method) 1

  • Then Confirm the Permanent Block.

Block Spam Emails

Hence, that particular Email Id is blocked permanently, and you won’t be receiving Emails from that ID alone.

Method 2

You know? You can also filter those emails which are somewhat like Blocking Email address. Now you might have a doubt, what is the difference between this and the previous method.

The previous method which is shown is the basic method of blocking, where you will be blocked from getting emails, but while using the filter method, those blocked emails will automatically be moved to the Trash Bin.

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This method will make your work simpler and time-consuming, where you don’t have to clear the Spam and Trash folder manually. Gmail will do it automatically.

  • Click on the particular Email sender and drag your cursor to Drop-down menu.
  • Click on Filter messages like this.

How To Block Unwanted Spam Emails In Gmail (2019 Method) 2

  • Then you will see a window > Click on the “Create Filter with this search“.


How To Block Unwanted Spam Emails In Gmail (2019 Method) 3

  • Then you will see another window, Click Delete It Option and check in the “Also apply for <number> matching conversations“.
  • Then Click on Create Filter.

How To Block Unwanted Spam Emails In Gmail (2019 Method) 4

This method will block all the emails you have received from that particular sender, the no. of emails in your Emails and others will be automatically forwarded to Trash Folder.

Method 3 – Unblocking the Blocked Email Address

If by mistake or some reason you have blocked a particular email address, and then you want to Unblock it again, you can do that easily. Just follow these steps.

  • Go to Gmail Inbox Page
  • Then Click on the Settings icon.
  • Go to Settings
  • There you will find an option in a horizontal column ‘Filtered and Blocked Messages

Block Spam Emails


  • Click that option, and there you will see the list of Blocked email address.
  • Select the Email ID you want to Unblock and then click ‘Unblock‘option simultaneously to that Email ID.

Block Spam Emails

That’s it. By now you must have come to know how to block and unblock email address by a quick method. Isn’t that very easy? 

Cheers 🙂


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