Voice Search SEO – Optimized Strategies To Improve In 2019

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> What Is Voice Search Seo? 

Voice Search is simply a method where users input their voice into a digital device to access information from internet usually through phone or home assistant to make a query via search engines.

Voice search has actually been around for a very long time but recently there been advancements in technology that have improved voice search immensely, effectively, sensitive and capable of understanding the context of the user’s query.

Voice Search has been implemented in many smart search devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple Homepad and many more.

Previously Voice Search wasn’t much famous in the industry due to Instant results from Google Search Results.

But after the introduction of these smart speakers, Voice Search started exploding in the world and ignoring the impact it had before.

> Effect Of Voice Search?

Voice Search took the technology to next level.  It takes very little time for humans to adopt this technology. Though Voice Search in 2019 isn’t used much due to strong uphold of Traditional Search in the market, it is said to be 50% of search results will be Voice Search by 2020.

Voice Search has been effective to many users around the world. Look at the Voice Search Results By Google Trends.

Voice Search Seo

Most of the Users have already the Voice Search as it Searches Queries platform and many industrial communities said to be using Voice Search in near future.

Voice Search Growth is continuously being appreciated and as well as being embraced by users.

Google is in process of making its search engine fully optimized for voice search results to improve the visibility of search results for it users.

The industry players behind the introduction of smart speakers are:-

  • Google developers provide its users with Google Home. You can get answers to your questions by asking a speaker that sits on your desk.
  • The Apple gem is Homepod and is where the famous Siri gives her answers to your questions.
  • Amazon has the Amazon Echo. That is the home of Alexa’s voice and platform to provide you with answers.
  • Microsoft’s voice assistant is Cortana. A superb technique to receive the answers to your queries.

Source: Seogdk

Here are the market trends of Voice Search after the introduction of Smart Speakers Devices:-

Voice Search SEO

As you can see Amazon Echo holds the highest Smart Speaker share due to it’s reliable and eco-friendly Amazon Echo devices leaving Google and Apple behind.

> How Voice Search Seo Works?

Voice Search uses Voice recognition of the users and instead of displaying the user’s query in Screen, it delivers the queries orally.

Voice search understands the voice recognition of its users and tries to find similarities that match the answer of the query.

With smartphones, Voice is recognized easily through Microphone app but for Smart Speakers, it tries recognizing the voice of the users and delivers the answers of the query instantly.

> Why People Started Using Voice Search?

Voice search has impacted the internet world to the next level. Voice search has made people life easier by delivery them the instant results without typing or surfing the web.

Just by making a Voice command orally, Search results try to deliver answers instantly without making users wait for a long time.

The main example of Voice Search that has been implemented in Google Maps. Users ask for the direction orally where search results find the desire destination instantly with the right directions, How many minutes and also with Voice direction guides.

Implementation of Voice search in smart results has made Users work easier. Just by simple few commands, the device delivers instant answers respecting the user’s query.

Here you can see where and how people use Voice Search technology.

Voice Search SEO

> How To Optimize Voice Search SEO?

  • Improving Website Loading Speed
  • Start By Researching Keywords
  • Keep the Content Short, Clear & Precise
  • Switch your website to HTTPS
  • Optimize Voice Search SEO For Local SEO

As already discussed, We shall assume Voice Search to be the future of the Internet. And so, it’s necessary for the blogger and website owners to implement Voice Search feature on their website.

How to make your Blog/Web Voice Search SEO friendly? Let’s get into depth.

  • Improving Website Loading Speed:-

The first and foremost step towards optimizing Voice Search SEO that you make sure that your website loading time is fast and quick.

According to Backlinko, The Voice Search Results is much faster than average Web Page speed.

You can improve your website loading speed, with this simple Optimizations methods.

  • Use Responsive and Eco-Friendly design
  • Reliable and Best Hosting Plans.
  • Optimize or Compress Image files
  • Improve the response time and webpage catching. If you’re using WordPress you may use WP Super Cache Plugin.
  • Remove unnecessary Javascript Codes.

Virtually applying all these methods, it will surely help you to increase your website loading speed.

  • Start By Researching Keywords:-

This is the most important strategy that needs to be applying while optimizing for Voice Search SEO. It is said to be, Users frame their queries in a simpler form in Voice Search rather than Traditional Search results. Since,

For example, if you search for ‘Personality Development’ via Voice Search, it will show you the the Nearby Personality development classes or Tips on improving Personality development, whereas by approaching Traditional search method you will need to type the principal query like ‘Nearby Personality development courses in Chennai or how to improve Personality’.

So the main part of optimization is to improve by researching on Keywords people search for, and based on that structure your website based on those keywords so it could be simple for users to navigate the answers to the query.

  • Keep the Content Short, Clear & Precise:-

According to Google Voice Search Rater Guidelines, they want Voice search results that are meaningful and precise.

What this means is, whenever you write content in your blog/website, try to keep it short and clear so that it could be able to easy for users to get their answers of the queries instantly.

According to sources, The average voice search answer is 29 Words.

This means, be clear and precise to your content. Try writing your content in fix blocks i.e. in order of Summary. This will also help your answer to be featured in Search engines snippets.

At last, Keep your content small with 29 words using of Lists and bulletins and also H-Tags.

  • Switch your website to HTTPS:-

Google stated that HTTPS website can give you a little boost in search results, well even Voice Search SEO can be improved if you have HTTPS enabled on the website, If you’re using WordPress, Just Install Really Simple SSL and connect your website to Cloudflare CDN. (Also applicable for others)

  • Optimize Voice Search SEO For Local SEO:-

It is said, most of the user’s queries are based on interrogation. So if you’re running a Small Business or any E-commerce Store. Then you must optimize Voice Search SEO along with Local SEO to gain its visibility in search results.

For Example, Most of the interrogative terms used are ‘nearby, Where, How Many’ and much more.

> High Authority, More Chance Of Getting Visibility:-

If your blog/website has a high Domain Authority, then there are probable chances your website ranking to be improved. In case if you imply Voice Search SEO, the chance of getting your answers to the user’s query to be visible on the featured snippet of the Search engine.

> Create an FAQ page for your site:-

Most of the queries of the users are interrogative and instead of answering, again and again, it’s better to provide all the answers for the required queries in one single page and i.e. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

It is likely to be said that having an FAQ page can be visible under query box of search results. Thus implementing Voice Search SEO can bring users to able to hear or view the answer from the FAQ page itself.

> Traffic Generation By Voice Search SEO:-

Traffic is the most desired thing every blogger/website owners wish for it. But due to high competition, it makes very hard for Search engines to rank each and every content to rank. So their algorithms make them choose the best and reliable content which are easy to read & Understand, Having Value is been ranked on top of Search Engines thus providing huge numbers of traffic to the website.

This can lead to the generation of Organic and Social traffic if the implementation of Voice Search SEO is done properly. Though Google doesn’t count Social shares as their ranking factors if your provide value in content, then you will be able to gain traffic naturally and also somewhere Social shares might help you to better Search engine ranking.

> Final Words:-

Voice Search SEO is a practice of making your website optimizing of Voice search results. Voice Search is the future of Answer to the query, with the introduction of Smart Speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, Apply Homepad, Voice Search took the world of internet to next level.

In this article, I have explained A-Z about Voice Search, how to optimize Voice Search SEO in your Blog/Website and provided some Important Tips and Strategies to improve your Ranking results. See below infographic to read the anatomy of how to optimize voice search SEO explained here.


Thank you for sparing a few of your time in reading this article. Do share your thoughts on Voice Search SEO and also your queries in the comment section below.


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