How To Fix Windows License Will Expire Soon (2019 Method)

Hey Friends! As you know, Windows is one of the most public Operating System platforms in the world. It acquires 60% of the computer os worldwide. But wait, we face an enhanced problem while operating this OS, and one of the significant issues is ‘Windows License Will Expire Soon’ Popup.

In this article, you will learn about

  • Major Problems and Causes
  • Methods to solve this issue.

#1 – Major Problems and Causes

Windows License Error

Cause 1- Microsoft states, If you have genuine Windows purchased then you have an option to upgrade to newer version of windows. But then if you are using Pirated version of windows with an invalid key, your windows might get affected, and you won’t be able to activate your OS.

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Cause 2- Though you have a valid product key, this popup occurs repeatedly; sometimes whenever you start windows or any software, this popup may interrupt you.

Cause 3- If you have downloaded Windows from official Microsoft – but you don’t have the product key, so you use any crack or some keygen to activate it. But then after a while, you receive a notification“Windows is activated, License will expire soon”. This is the primary common problem occurs for every windows user.

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Cause 4- Sometimes, it happens due to device incompatibility issues. The device manufacturer might not support windows still you can install Windows but may not be able to use it smoothly.

#2- Methods To Solve This Issue

There are many ways where you can solve this issue, but wait? Do you think it’s that easy? There has to be followed by many steps to evaluate the activation process. In simple terms, if you have purchased the windows genuinely from Microsoft, then you can resolve this issue by just simple few steps

But for those who have downloaded the free version of Windows from pirated sites or torrent, they must be facing the problem ridiculously.

  • Method 1 – Using Command Prompt Application

Windows License Error

1 – Launch Command Prompt in the START. Also, you can type CMD in the search bar.

2 – Open CMD in Run as Administrator

3 – After opening CMD, type slmgr –rearm

4 – Click Enter, and you will see command completed successfully, then reboot the system.

5 – After restarting go to the activation panel and check the status of the Windows license.

6 – Then click on Change Product Key > Enter your Product Key > Press Enter.

7 – Your Windows is successfully activated. (Make sure you have entered the key correctly)

  • Method 2 – Using The Windows License Management Service

1 – in the search bar type services.msc

Windows License Error

2 –  Next, in this method, you will need to disable two settings upon activating the windows. This will ensure you won’t receive the License popup error message.

3 – In the list, search for Windows License Management Service. Click the service.

Windows License Error

4 – After opening the application, you will need to disable the function first then click on Stop button to stop the service.

5 – Repeat this procedure with Windows Update as well.

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Reboot the system, and check the status in the activation panel.

  • Method 3 – Activation Troubleshoot

Windows License Error

If you are confident enough that your product key is valid, then you can opt for troubleshooting method.

This method will help Microsoft to analyze your product key and if there is an issue, the system will automatically resolve and your windows product key will get validated successfully.

  • Method 4 – Check Your Product Key

Windows License Error

Open CMD in Run as administrator. Then enter the following command in the application

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Then go to your activation panel and check whether the product key has been changed or it is the same yet.

  • Method 5 – Reset PC

If all the above way doesn’t work, then the last option is to factory reset your Windows OS to the scratch.

Note: This method will wipe away your installed software and settings. Your Files and data stored in the Hard Disk will be same as it is but for the safety purpose kindly ensure you take a proper backup of all your data.

How To Fix Windows License Will Expire Soon (2019 Method) 1

Turn off the system; open system restores before booting up the windows, you will see the Advance settings Option.

Windows License Error

Click on Reset PC option, Click the confirmation and Press Enter. Wait for few minutes after the Windows is successfully reset. Then go to the activation panel and enter the product key.

That’s it! Your Windows should get activated with a valid license key.

Cheers 🙂

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